Innovation through the convergence of design, business and technology

The diversity of multidisciplinary teams is often connected with innovation. With competences in design, business and technology we at Tieto have great tools on the road towards innovation.

So let's get together over breakfast to merge our competences, get inspired and find new perspectives for innovative solutions.

With us this morning we will have two interesting speakers sharing their ideas on how design, business and technology can be combined to innovate products and services across industries. After the seminar we will have time to discuss these topics further, mingle and form new contacts.

All you need to know

12th of November 2015, 8:00 - 09:30

Fjärde Bassängvägen 15, Stockholm (parking available)


8.00 Breakfast

8.30 Seminar (45 minutes)

9.15 Mingle

9.30 Roundup

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Jason McMillon
Founder / CEO of Upstain AB - First impression eye tracking

Eye tracking and how first impressions drive our behavior

Jason will guide us through his research methodology for understanding people's unconscious behavior, and will explain us why first impression eye tracking should be part of every company's production line.

After the seminars, Jason will offer those interested attendees the chance to try out the Eyetracking technology.

Jason McMillon

With a technical degree from The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and with over 17 years of experience from marketing and online sales, Jason has developed a new way to use eye tracking. First impression eye tracking is a method for testing how we react to marketing material and web pages in the way we normally interact with them.

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Sune Kaae
Head of Product Innovation & Prototyping @ Great Works | Startup Grind Stockholm

Makers, Startups and Enterprise Innovation

Sune's presentation will revolve around how innovation is about experimentation and why enterprises need to step up their game to follow along.

He will provide examples of maker and startup culture & events, and offer a view on how similar processes can be used and encouraged at big companies.

Sune Kaae

Sune Kaae is a maker, developer and leader. He has led the development of a number of landmark products and services, including the Nike+ FuelBand iPhone app, the Nike+ GPS/Running product and location-based services for the Nike+ SportWatch.

An industry pro for more than 15 years, he has worked in Stockholm, New York, London and Copenhagen, creating award-winning work for such clients as Nike, Intel, MSN/Microsoft and Nikon. He is active in the maker and start-up community, focusing on physical computing and 3D printing. Sune holds a BSc in computer science from UCL and certifications from PMI, Scrum Alliance and Microsoft.

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Sami Huhtala
Malin Bergqvist
Isabelle Månsson
Cecilia Lindholm Kapetanakis
Giuseppe Perri
Ruben Teijeiro
Malin Fabbri
Linnéa Källgård